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My favorite kitchen gadgets

My favorite kitchen gadgets! A list of all my favorites!

“I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty, I’ve got whose-its and what’s-its galore… you want thing-a-ma-bobs, I’ve got 20 but who cares, no big deal, I want more.” – Ariel, The Little Mermaid.

The best chocolate cake on my stainless steel cake platter and photographed on my butcher block cutting board, frosting spread on with my favorite frosting spatula (below)

All kidding aside, that is an accurate description of how I feel about kitchen gadgets and gizmos. I love finding great pans, knifes, pressure cookers, juicers, blenders, air fryers and more that work fantastic and make cooking that much easier and better! So I thought I would share a few of my favorites with those looking for good ones.

air fryer poutine, fries made in the air fryer, gravy in my stainless steel stock pot and cheese melted under the broiler in my cast iron pan and photographed on my butcher block cutting board.

These are all linked through Amazon because I find most people have an account and it’s so convenient. However, if you find the same thing on another website or through another store for a better price then by all means, go for it! I am a deal hunter and totally encourage that. I am an Amazon affiliate so I may earn on qualifying purchases.

My grapefruit and cranberry meringue tart made in my tart pan, curd made in my stainless steel pot, meringue made with my kitchen aid mixer whisk attachment, grapefruit cut with my favorite knifes.

Favorite pans: Cast Iron, Enameled Dutch oven pans, stock pots, good non-stick pans.

Instant pot cooking! I love instant electric pressure cookers or instant pots, so they needed to be on my favorite kitchen gadgets list! I got one before they were popular about 9 years ago and then I got an instant pot brand one last year, they are so nice to have and really help make meals convenient!

Air fryers! I love my air fryer and use it at least 5 days a week!

I have a standard sized one but this large one below looks incredible and I may need to aske Santa for one for Christmas! So it definitely makes my favorite kitchen gadgets list!

My favorite knifes! My husband got me the Cangshan knife set last year for Christmas and it is my all time favorite knife set! They feel great in your hand, if you cut a lot that is important, they are super sharp and they sharpen well. Also, I can honestly say I use every single knife in the block and none go unused. The bread knife is actually one of my favorites, which surprised me. Also, I found out that they are on Oprah’s favorite things list so you know they are good!

I love my kitchen aid mixer with the tilt head, it’s practical to use in everyday life. I also have the professional one and I would recommend that if you are doing large batches of breads or cakes, otherwise the tilt head is my favorite because it works better at whisking, mixing and has more power.

Spatulas! Nothing compares to a smooth rubber spatula when making meringues, frostings, and lots of other dishes! I also love a good wooden spatula and ones that just do their job really well.

Cake decorating favorites:

Wooden cutting boards, charcuterie boards you know I love them, here are a few favorites!

I use immersion blenders all the time, making them one of my all time favorite kitchen tools!

I have had my kitchen aid blender for years! I love how high powdered it is and how long it has lasted!

My little sister lived with us for a year and she brought her ninja blender, I loved how you can remove the blade for easy cleaning and it’s a high powdered blender as an affordable price.

I keep these silicone baking liners on my baking pans at all times so I can easily bake without a huge clean up and no sticking, a must on my favorite kitchen gadgets list!

I also use parchment paper more than anyone I know:

I love candy making and these tools and molds are ones I use and love!

If you are wanting to make your own vanilla extract it’s easy, all you need is a vanilla bean, vodka and a glass jar, add together and give it a turn or gentle shake ever now and again, makes a great gift and is miles cheaper than store bought vanilla extract.

We use our steam juicer every year to make concord grape juice and I love it! It’s a bit of an investment but worth it if you make homemade juices!

Here is a top rated fresh juicer, we used an old one for year and now I want this one:

We have had this snow cone maker for years and it works great!

I love this oil sprayer, it’s refillable and you can avoid all of the extra additives that pre-made oil sprays have:

We love our popcorn at our house, we have the air popper, I have used the stove popper and I also use my stainless steel pans to pop our own on the stove top. The Amish tri-color popcorn is one of our favorites and a great price for the size of bag and variety.

We love out pellet grill at our house! We own a Pit Boss but my sister owns a Traeger and we love how both cook the food and would fully recommend both! I have also heard great reviews on camp chef pellet grill too but have never personally used it.

I have never owned a sous vide but have always wanted one, so here are a few with the best reviews.