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Sweet Potato Ravioli

Who doesn’t love a great Pasta recipe? How about one that is delicious and guilt free?!?! Here is my Sweet Potato Ravioli recipe!! This make for a great Italian night dinner! It’s sure to impress family or guest but is also surprisingly really simple to make! It super versatile and can be used in any pasta recipe with any sauce you would like! This also makes great gnocchi.

The dough can easily be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge for up to about 3-5 days. All you need to roll this out is a rolling pin or even a big cup will do. I joke that we didn’t believe in rolling pins growing up….. though I’m sure we must have had one…. we just never could find it so we used big cups, so if you don’t own a rolling pin don’t despair. ha ha

To cut the pasta all you need is the end of a cup or a round cookie cutter or just a knife if you want to cut this into square shaped ravioli’s. The dough is very soft and WILL NOT work in a pasta roller. Roll out as thin as you can get the dough. Too thin may result in leakage and too thick throws off the filling to pasta ratio. I would say about 1/8th of an inch thin should be perfect.

Divide dough into 1/4th’s  and roll out the first 1/4 of the dough into a big rectangle. Next decide what shape your will be cutting these into, circles or squares, etc. measure where the center of each future ravioli will be. Then fill the center of where the ravioli’s will be with the filling you choose, like my roasted chicken filling here.

Be sure not to add too much filling, make sure you leave enough room on the sides for the pasta so that it can fully seal. Dip your finger in water and wipe the area that will be the edges of the pasta when cut. Then place another rectangular sheet of pasta over the filled sections and press down on the areas you wet with water to seal the edges. Next take a round cookie cutter or knife or ravioli cutter and cut around the area with the filling part in the center. once they are cut into individual ravioli press around the edges again and make sure they are fully sealed.

Boil a pot of water and add 1 teaspoon salt. Drop the ravioli into boiling water and let cook for 2-4 minutes, when the pasta floats to the top it’s done. Remove with a slotted spoon. I highly suggest cooking just one for the first time so you can make sure your Raviolis are sealed good enough. Once you know they are not going to leak then cook a few at a time, don’t overcrowd your pot.

Top with your favorite sauce, Olive oil, browned butter, Parmesan and enjoy!

Below are my recipes for my sweet potato pasta dough and the roasted chicken ravioli filling.